Sunday, November 15, 2009

Day 26

Okay, these pictures aren't from yesterday, but they help to describe an even that happened yesterday. Sevrine and I were letting the dog outside while the parents were gone and Sevrine decided to follow him to see where he'd gone. Sevrine is normally really good about staying away from the pool if there's no one out there and she's normally only out for a minute because she knows she'll get in trouble. Yesterday she couldn't see where Rusty had gone and when she turned to run and check the other side of the yard for him she fell in the pool. I was just inside the door heading out to bring her back in when I heard the splash then the scream and crying. She was clinging to the edge of the pool at the shallow end. I didn't actually see her fall in, but from the way she described it she actually had to paddle herself to the wall a little. She can actually touch the bottom of the pool at that edge so she didn't actually go all the way under, but it was still really scary for both of us. So here are two pictures, the corner of the pool that she fell in at and the ballerina dress she was wearing when she fell in. She just kept telling me sorry for falling in, not sorry for being outside by herself when she knew she wasn't supposed to.

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