Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Day 16

I'm starting to realize and accept that this year's 365 project may just be a regular photo blog instead of the artistic masterpiece I was hoping for. :) I'm okay with that, but I guess I went into this a little bit too ambitious. It's hard enough for me to take pictures every day let alone really put the thought into them that I would like. It doesn't help that I've been a little bit off the last few days. So, I guess my aim now is not only to work on the quality of my pictures, but to take pictures that are applicable to what I'm doing and/or working on. So, in that spirit, my picture tonight is really a visual look into what Sevrine and I are doing this weekend. I've been wanted to go on a short trip with her for a while and wanted to go somewhere that we could take some cool pictures. So, we're heading to the Globe/Miami/Superior area of Arizona. All three are mining towns with lots of historic structures that I think will photograph really well. And, I want to see how some of them look in Black & White and maybe Sepia. :) So excited for this weekend. Hopefully we'll have some great pictures to share.

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