Friday, October 30, 2009

Day 11

Okay, I'm going to stop feeling guilty of posting pictures of my kid. lol Today was her Halloween party at school and she got to wear her costume to school. I didn't let her take her nice costume, but instead bought her a cheaper costume that I wouldn't care if it got messed up at school (and it did). She tried really hard to keep it nice today, asking for toast, dry cereal, and a sippy cup of milk instead of her normal lidless cup so she wouldn't risk spilling on her costume, but she ended up kneeling on it and ripping it form the inside. Oh well, that's why it's the back up. She did have fun today tough. I stopped by her school to see if I could get some pictures of her during her "party" but they were starting a little late and the kids had just gotten up form their nap, so Sevrine still looked really tired, and was wearing her change of clothes so she wouldn't ruin her costume. Double bonus of the day was that she had no time-outs at school. :)

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